Monday, September 6, 2010

It's a doozle!! -- 22 weeks and 5 days

Yup, that's right most of you already know..we are having a BOY again! It's a good thing we didn't buy too many pink items. I have to say I was a little bummed when the doc said "are you sure it's a girl"...well I don't know you tell me! I guess 15 weeks was a little too early to verify the gender...I just had to laugh. Any more curve balls you want to throw at us doc? You just have to laugh and appreciate the moment. At our 19 1/2 week appointment when they usually determine the Tomlinson was not cooperating that day so we didn't get a peek and of course we never really questioned anything. I have to say when they first said it was a girl I was really surprised...all along I knew it was a boy.  Boy or girl I am so happy that my pregnancy is healthy. Baby Grayden really wanted a little brother he can watch over from heaven. I truly believe things happen for a reason in our lives good or bad they make us stronger and if anything more appreciative of life and the blessings we are given. So now it's time to think blue/green...I still can't stop thinking about bows and tutu skirts...geesh! Now it's on to finding a new name...I have to save Addysen for my little girl I hope to have one day...I just love this name! As for right now he is known as Baby Tomlinson. When I go back in 3 weeks for another check up they better not tell us it's a girl...I highly doubt it but I just have to laugh thinking about it.

Oh and for all my cervix is measuring about 4 cm...great length wouldn't you say! This time last pregnancy I was on bed rest in the hospital fighting for baby grayden's life!! It feels so flipping good to be were I am right now. For a moment a woman who has been through what I have been through questions if that day of bringing home a baby would ever come. Staying positive and optimistic has gotten me this far. Still a long road a head but we are past the half way mark and December is not that far away.

Yay for BOYS!!!!