Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Preventing miscarriages with a new procedure

Preventing miscarriages with a new procedure

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Video of Lap TAC

Warning this might be graphic for some to watch. The link below provides a video of a Lap TAC performed by Dr. Demir.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Update... it's been a little over a week since my surgery and feeling pretty good. I am up and walking and have even left the house. Still not driving, will tackle that next week. It just feels good to relax and catch up on some really good movies.

I also wanted to post info about a sight I found called Abbyloopers.org. This site/group was put together for women who are looking for support and information about the transabdominal cerclage. I think I found my calling....becoming an advocate for other women with IC. This group of women provide amazing support. The stories told are heartbreaking. I ask myself why so many women had to experience multiple losses before a doctor would even consider performing a TAC...but each case and doctor is different. I feel much compassion for other women like me and would do anything to help. A woman should not have to experience multiple losses if there is a procedure that can offer a ninety-five percent chance of carrying to term. Now that is something to be hopeful about!

If there are women out there who have experienced a loss due to IC and have any questions regarding the TAC please feel free to post.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Abdominal Cerclage

To think I was so nervous yesterday and now it's all over. What a relief and another hurdle I have jumped. The surgery was a success. Now just recovering.Took a walk down the hall and back today boy did it hurt like hell...Can't even stand up straight. Good thing Sean was there to help. I am enjoying the quiet time alone watching TV and sleeping. Finally off the liquid diet. Thank gosh for that!!

For those women who are considering the abdominal cerclage as a last resort it is well worth it. The surgery itself is pretty fast and recovery time is about 5 weeks. I will continue to blog for those of you who are interested in my journey and of course to help other women who share the same experiences as me.

A huge "Thank You" to Dr. Gilbert and Sutter Memorial Staff (Sacramento Ca) in Labor and Delivery. You are truly the best around.