Friday, August 13, 2010

19 weeks and 2 days

We have successfully passed our milestone!! This time last pregnancy I was preparing for an emergency cerclage and on bed rest. This is an amazing feeling. My cervix is holding strong and long...4.2 cm!! The TAC is a miracle. As I have voiced this before, any woman who is contemplating getting a TAC I am here to tell you it is worth it a million times over. I am no longer feeling anxious about my pregnancy and know that I can truly enjoy this special time in a woman's life. To all my Abbylooper sisters you have inspired me and I thank you for are all an amazing support group. Especially in times when others do not understand the pain and tears. I hope the TAC procedure will become widely known and accessible for all woman! God Bless our little angels in heaven and the miracles in our tummy.


  1. Well done Juli, you're doing great!

    I'm actually now starting to believe that we will both have our babies in our arms in December!

    Are we ever going to see a belly pic?!

  2. Thanks Kelly! We will be delivering around the same time. This is an exciting time and loving every minute of it!

    Ii have been slacking in the picture department but I will have the hubby take some this week. Thanks for all your wonderful support. I enjoy hearing from you. Many hugs.