Saturday, January 30, 2010

There is hope! Sean and I met with Dr. Gilbert at Perinatal Associates last Wednesday to discuss our options for future pregnancies. I am a candidate for the TAC (Trans abdominal cerclage). This procedure is not common and for most woman like me it is a last resort to prevent future losses. Similar to the trans-vaginal cerclage the TAC is placed through the abdominal and is permanent.

Recap, I previously had the trans-vaginal cerclage placed at 19 wks due to cervical incompetence. This diagnosis is rare (occurs in only 1-2% of all pregnancies) and usually is not detected until a woman has experienced a loss during her second trimester . My cerclage failed resulting in premature labor at 24 wks. After experiencing much devastation over the loss of our first child and a 95% success rate we know a TAC is our last option. My surgery is scheduled for March 5 and I am looking forward to many future miracle pregnancies.

I found a great link from Channel 7 news in LA covering a story of a woman who had a successful TAC. Her story touches home. Thought I would share being a strong advocate for this procedure.


  1. If you don't mind...which Dr. Gilbert might this be and does he perform the TAC? I'm trying to find someone that does here on the west coast...before they schedule me for the TVC.

    I live down in the L.A. Dr. Gilbert up by you?

  2. Hi Bookworm...Yes Dr. Gilbert is in Sacramento at Perinatal Associates. He will be placing the TAC. I think he is the only one in the Northern Area that performs this procedure. Let me know if you need further information.

    Will this be your first time having the cerclage done or have you experienced this before? Best of Luck!!