Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hello Meets Goodbye

The unexpected happened a week ago Tuesday...I went into labor at 24 weeks. Baby Grayden was too young and passed away.

The doctors prepared us for the worst. We stayed positive and were determined to make it to at least 26 weeks but I guess God had a different plan. I keep asking, "why did this happen to us" but realize there is no true explanation. All I know is that baby Grayden is in a better place. He will forever be our angel.

We were blessed to meet our little angel on December 1, 2009 at 11:38 am. Sean being a proud Daddy held him until he passed away. Baby Grayden was perfect. Words cannot describe that amazing feeling when we met him. The nurses made a wonderful memory box with pictures of Grayden wrapped in his blanket and knit cap, 3-d sculptures of his little hands and feet and yes they were so tiny about the size of my thumb.

Having gone through this has made Sean and I stronger people as individuals and as a married couple. It's amazing to see your partner stand so strong. I tell him he is my rock and I love him more and more everyday. Sometimes you do not know your own strength until you are truly tested.

Everyday brings a new meaning. All I can do is hold on to the strength and hope inside my heart. Thank you friends and family who have been a wonderful support system. We love you.


  1. you and sean are now wise beyond your years. and the bond of love that you have cannot be broken-if the two of you can make it thru this-you can make it thru ANYTHING! trust me-i know-...and don't forget-the family around you will always be there for you and be your strength and support whenever needed......greg has a cousin with him now-and huny has her hands full!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! know you are always in our hearts!

  2. Hi ... I just found your blog through googling cerclage and Sacramento, trying to find which doctors do this. We lost our son on January 28 at 22 weeks due to preterm labor/premature rupture of membranes. Based on your photos (the blankets, the hat) and the doctor you mention, I suspect we delivered at the same hospital. We have not decided whether we will try again, but if we do I believe a cervical cerclage will be one of our options. I had a previous full-term delivery and they can't explain why this happened to me this time.

    I am so sorry for your loss. Your son is so beautiful.

  3. Hi Beth, I too am so sorry about your loss. If you have any questions about the TVC/TAC you can email me at juli.tomlinson@yahoo.com. I hope you are hanging in there and try not to give up hope. My heart goes out to you and your family.