Sunday, December 20, 2009

Goodbyes Are Never Easy

Just returned home from saying goodbye to my Grandma Huny (Margaret) as she makes her journey to heaven. First it was the passing of our son Grayden and now Huny. I am trying my best to embrace these moments as I did with Grayden. I sat in the room next to Huny's bed, holding her hand telling her I loved her and to watch over Grayden in heaven.

Huny is an amazing women. Her sweet, strong and loving personality will always be remembered. She is a fighter that's for sure! And my Papa...a man so devoted to his wife for 62 years, most people only dream about a love like this but I am lucky enough to see it.

I thank you Huny for inspiring me to be the person I am today. I will remember all the wonderful memories we made together. I love you forever. Now it's time to say goodbye. Peace be with you. Love your Grandaughter Juls


  1. What a beautiful testament to an incredible woman. Thank you for sharing Juls. I love you!!! - Nissa

  2. Very well told. You are the best daughter a father could ever hope for.